gksudo could use AIGLX for better fade out effect ?

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Wed Sep 13 01:03:26 BST 2006


I was wondering something. Ever since Gksudo implemented this fade out
effect when the password prompt pops-up, said fade out has always been
super crap. it is:

1) slow (over a second): this hurts usability, gets in the way.
2) very jerky/choppy: looks horrible, cheap, untidy and unprofessional.
Definitely not in the "smooth and polished" league were Ubuntu
generally seeks.

I think I filed a bug a while ago about this, or maybe it was for the
log-out fade out effect (gnome-session then, not gksudo) which
suffered a similar problem. or maybe I found a similar bug already
filed, can't remember. What I do remember is that it affect many people
not just me, that several patches have been tried, without much success.
Basically they made the transition a little faster, with less "steps".
So now it gets less in the way, but it still looks crap.
I think most people having the problem use an LCD screen, but I have a
CRT monitor and does it anyway.

Anyway. My thought was: soon, say for Edgy+1, Aiglx and metacity
(compositor), will have matured, and nvidia and (binary) ati drivers
will be reworked to work with aiglx.
So I was wondering, if gksudo could not use this new/modern compositing
stuff, to produce a professional looking fade out, fast, and perfectly
smooth, with no visible "steps". I assume (?) this effect would be
quite simple technically to implement, compared to the already
complex/fancy effects that metacity already includes, so maybe it
wouldn't be so long to develop and debug/polish.
Maybe it could be developed in time for Edgy+1, and fully mature by
Edgy +2 ?

Thoughts anyone ? Does all this sound reasonable and make sense ?
Would it be worth trying to propose it to upstream (as a wishlist bug
in Malone probably) ?


Vince, let's use modern tools to achieve polish...

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