Fw: Communication Bridges? | sec=unclassifed

Stoffers, Robert LAC Robert.Stoffers at defence.gov.au
Tue Sep 12 23:45:55 BST 2006

> I know a lot of people cannot use irc because they are behind work
> and lack the skills to ssh tunnel. Something like an online interface
> work here...sort of like:
> http://chat.indymedia.org/

One of the best web-based IRC clients would have to be CGI-IRC[1], a
client that Freenode has recently began to fully support on the network.
People using this will receive a gateway/cgiirc cloak by default which
enables easy blocking from channels in case of problems, members and
others who have project cloaks will still pass through whist cgiirc is
blocked too. 

If you want to get this set up, just give me a ping on Freenode.


Robert Stoffers (rob - aka the Freenode guy)

[1] http://cgiirc.sourceforge.net

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