vim versus vim-tiny

Thilo Six T.Six at
Tue Sep 12 12:42:31 BST 2006

Jeff Waugh wrote the following on 12.09.2006 08:38:
> <quote who="Daniel Robitaille">
>> Anyone knows what is different in vim-tiny versus the vim package?
>> I'm guessing the former is smaller than the later, thus it's presence
>> as the default installed package nowadays in Edgy.  But what else is
>> missing from it?
> Additionally, even after installing vim on a fresh install, the syntax
> highlighting doesn't appear the same way using the same .vimrc I use
> elsewhere. Weird.
> - Jeff

maybe that´s because edgy has allready vim 7, whereas dapper still has
vim 6.4?

just loud thinking

bye Thilo
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