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Wed Sep 6 06:25:13 BST 2006

> Has anybody on this list tried edgy? How stable is it? I'm keen to try it out, 
> but I don't want to have a very unstable system on my computer. I don't mind 
> a few bugs but it has to run basically normally (I used the Dapper beta from 
> December so I'm not _very_ picky).

I was running Edgy pre-Knot 1 under vmware server for a while. A few days ago I saw a press release that upstart was ready to replace sysvinit, and so I installed it and rebooted following instructions. Completely killed my system. The root filesystem was mounting 'read only', I couldn't use sudo, and I didn't have a root account set up. Scratch that machine. 

But I'm also running Edgy on my girlfriend's laptop, which she let me borrow for Uni. It's a Sony VAIO with an ATI Mobility card in it. I installed it around Knot 1, and have been updating it regularly since then. Some updates require more hand holding than others. Sometimes icons disappear, or change, or certain programs stop working, then start again. Openoffice crashes a lot when opening or saving documents. I cannot mute the laptop. Even at the lowest volume setting you can faintly hear the speakers.

On the other hand, Compiz is running beautifully using AIGLX and the open source 'ati' drivers. Gnome-terminal now takes advantage of compositing to use true transparency, which I think is rather neat. All I use for my course is vim and gcc, so it wouldn't unduly inconvinience me if 'X' broke. I was rather scared when I saw a dist-upgrade installing 'upstart', but on the laptop it all worked out fine. 

So I guess the short answer is 'no, it's not stable'. Don't replace your working system with it, especially if you use OpenOffice. But if you've got a spare partition, or laptop, or enough ram for vmware, it sure is fun to play with. 

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