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Carsten Agger agger at c.dk
Tue Oct 31 20:35:00 GMT 2006

m c wrote:
> On 10/29/06, Daniel Robitaille <robitaille at fastmail.fm> wrote:
>> The negative stories and blogs about Edgy are
>> starting to pile up:
>> Upgrading to Ubuntu Edgy Eft a "Nightmare"
>> http://linux.slashdot.org/linux/06/10/28/239258.shtml
>> Edgy upgrade pains and fixes
>> http://www.desktoplinux.com/news/NS3291004537.html
> Although it is very difficult to diagnose problems from blog and forum
> posts (hence the analysis below is probably wrong, incomplete and
> unhelpful) I think a large number of problems fall into the following
> categories:
> * Using apt-get dist-upgrade rather than upgrade-manager
>    - Could this be  reduced by emphaising on the release notes, on
> ubuntu.com and in the support channels, the correct way to upgrade?
>    - Could apt be patched to give clearer warnings that dist upgrading
> could break your system, and recommend that the user run upgrade
> manager instead. In fact, just run update-manager when the user tries
> this, whilst siulanousy taking their pony away from them

Actually, I am just now running an apt-get dist-upgrade on my Xubuntu box.

Because I saw on the xubuntu.org homepage that there's issues with using 
update-manager and the apt-get method is the upgrade path that's 
supposed to work for xubuntu.

I find it interesting that after reading this on the home page and 
starting the upgrade (!), I read here that actually its apt-get 
dist-upgrade, not the update-manager, that might break my system.

So when it finishes downloading and I reboot my machine, what will 
happen? Nobody knows ... but i HOPE I'll just be able to boot into 
Xubuntu Edgy
- fordi tiden kræver et MODSPIL!

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