Edgy in the news

Constantine Evans constantine at evanslabs.org
Sun Oct 29 23:00:40 GMT 2006

m c wrote:
> * Using apt-get dist-upgrade rather than upgrade-manager
>    - Could this be  reduced by emphaising on the release notes, on
> ubuntu.com and in the support channels, the correct way to upgrade?
>    - Could apt be patched to give clearer warnings that dist upgrading
> could break your system, and recommend that the user run upgrade
> manager instead. In fact, just run update-manager when the user tries
> this, whilst siulanousy taking their pony away from them

I don't use update-manager because I prefer doing such things with a 
CLI. Running update-manager instead of dist-upgrade when the user wants 
to run dist-upgrade would be completely inappropriate. How do you even 
know that the user is in X? How do you know that they have X installed?

> * Having unsupported programs and scripts run on Dapper, i.e.
> Automatix, compiz, etc
>    - Could be improved by forcing people to use upgrade manager and
> making update manager identify specific problems then giving more
> verbose instructions on how to revert/work around changes made by
> these programs which are likely to result in a broken upgrade
>   - Implementation of common-customizations spec and more aggressive
> warnings about using Automatix and its ilk would help prevent this
> occurring in the first place

I'd rather not have Ubuntu *force* any user to do anything, especially 
something that requires X.

Warnings about Automatix would probably offend quite a few people.

> Perhaps there needs to be a greater emphasis on widespread and
> systematic testing of upgrades rather than the large number of
> variants of CD installs in the release crunch, including from
> non-standard, user abused systems

I'm not sure why non-standard systems should be considered "abused". 
Many users have good reasons for having non-standard systems. I 
installed Ubuntu using debootstrap, and I'd rather not be admonished for 
doing so.

> Would  making the CD install create a separate home partition by
> default encourage using CD installs for upgrades rather than updating,
> and would this be desirable?

This might be a good idea. However, one would have to decide how to 
divide up the space, which might prove difficult.

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