I tried to upgrade to Edgy

Alexander Jacob Tsykin stsykin at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 15:59:20 BST 2006

On Sunday 29 October 2006 00:35, Adam McMaster wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-10-28 at 07:14 -0700, Edward Craig wrote:
> > I failed.
> > My surmise is that among the graphical applications I should have
> > exited is the Screen Saver, as when I noticed it frozen,  the disc
> > access LED was solid on. Rebooting (which I could accomplish omly via
> > a reset) failed on an X error message indicating missing X
> > configuration files.
> > It took a bit more than the 19 hours predicted to download over a
> > dialup 56 modem, like about 41, but I think that's irrelevent, albeit
> > disappointing.
> > Perxhance someone here can instuct me in how to recover my hosed
> > system, else I'll  reinstall, eventually.
> > Live CD's are useful as stopgap.
> If you can still get to a console, try "sudo apt-get -f install;sudo
> apt-get dist-upgrade".
On a dial-up system that will take forever. Did it freeze during or after the 


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