Google investigating OpenSolaris

Chanchao custom at
Fri Oct 27 04:54:27 BST 2006

Jonathan Carter wrote:

> Is there someone (perhaps the Ubuntu marketing team) that can put some
> pressure or influence Google to use Nexenta instead?

Errr... Nexenta bolts an Ubuntu-like environment on to OpenSolaris in 
order to provide a smooth user/desktop experience... That's about the 
LAST thing Google would need for their servers, they're more likely to 
completely strip down whatever they choose to use (like they did with 
Red Hat) and manage things probably with their own applications.

Those servers would most certainly not run any GUI or display manager, 
let alone Ubuntu's Fancy Stuff.

Any deal would just be a marketing deal.. Like "We'll call it your 
product, then you can say 'Google uses our OS' and in return, xyz."


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