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On 10/21/06, Jonathan Carter <jonathan at> wrote:
> Hi Joel
> On Sat, 2006-10-21 at 10:44 +0800, Joel Bryan Juliano wrote:
> > This week, I've been trying out different OS other than Linux. I tried
> > SkyOS, Syllable, Haiku OS, MenuetOS and ReactOS. The experience is a
> > release! it's really fun to try out new things that you don't really
> > know something about. Everything is alien and entirely different, I
> > laugh so hard because I don't know what to do inside it. At the end of
> > the day, I slept with a smile in my face.. :-)
> I understand how that feels. I felt that way the first time I tried BeOS
> in 1999. I was amazed that my computer could do nearly everything I
> wanted to without having to use Windows. Then a friend on a mailing list
> persuaded me to try Linux, since then, I never had a need to even touch
> anything else again :)
> Having said that, I tried ReactOS a few months ago and I was quite
> impressed with it. It will be nice once they adopt things like APT, then
> you have an open source Windows clone with a lot of the benefits of
> GNU/Linux :)
> -Jonathan
Hi Jonathan,

 First of all, I'm really terribly sorry about my reply, I just got carried
away. I'm really sorry.

It's true that it's really fun and exciting to try out new OS. I suggest
they should do the same in Ubuntu marketing, to elaborate that they should
try out new things, and _feel_ it, because once they learned that they can
do it in Ubuntu what they do in Windows, they'll get the feeling of
excitement and fun!. It's the feeling I know alot of people are trying to
get and the reason why alot of people are trying out new things, like buying
a new gaming console other than they have, or the feeling of doing extreme
sports that people are not used to. I believe that Linux is extremely
marketable, not logically, but emotionally. Emotion is the tactics I believe
why alot of people chooses this product over the other. (i.e. Windows,
PS2).  I'm no expert, but I know that a simple hand gesture attracts women,
attraction is an emotion. Same with products. "Ease of use" if it's stated
logically, can be hard to create emotional bonding with the user. Like if we
choose an MP3 player, "This MP3 player performs this and that.. blah blah
blah, plays alot of codecs, blah blah..", then "Apple iPod, sleek, and very
attractive. (period)", and people will likely choose iPod, because it
creates attraction, ease of use, comfort, and those are emotions.

Same with Linux, if we say "Linux is this and that perform 100th of a
seconds, blah blah, and nth minus 360rpms provides technically superior
because of this and that, kernel.. whatsoever..", we all know that it's
superior than Windows, but stating it too logically doesn't easily creates
emotion, on the other hand "comfortable, attractive, trustworthy, attractive
desktop, easy to use, Family safe, Friendly, virus free when web browsing,
be a DJ or a director because of this applications, easy create graphics and
pictures and manage them from your camera than ever before, be the best
boyfriend in the world when you install Ubuntu in her PC."

When people feels attraction, comfort, trust, ease of use, worry free, over
a product, they will likely to feel much happier with it, and tend to
purchase it, here in my country, people are waiting for PS3, and I'm sick of
it, because I'm an Xbox 360 fan, and people are installing Windows, no
matter how it sucks real hard.. I believe that the power of emotions over a
product, is a key success toward bringing Linux into mainstream. Proven if
the people can trust it, comfortable with it, and it's really attractive to
use, it's going to be on their favorite list, they are going to be happy
with it, and they'll say "Wow, my OS is very attractive, (compiz and HIG)
and I can open all of my files from Windows in here!, even better!",
(Interoperability), "I browse this site everyday and I get spyware and I'm
tired of reinstalling windows. But here, I don't get any viruses and
spyware! what a relief".  I believe that emotional bonding with a product is
a key success of marketing, or even better, marketing Linux.

Carpe Diem,
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