Freespire... (LOL)

Chanchao custom at
Wed Oct 18 12:01:01 BST 2006

On Wed, 2006-10-18 at 11:59 +0200, Daniel Holbach wrote:

> > I know Ubuntu / even this Sounder list isn't about slagging off other
> > distros, 
> ... you're right. It's absolutely not necessary.

Well they started it with those Google ads claiming to be better than
Ubuntu. :)    Then when people actually try it, they should expect flak
if it doesn't live up to claims.   

But seriously, I hope this post just gets something out on the net that
would turn up when someone Googles on " freespire sucks ". This is
something I mostly do to get some negatives in before trying something;
" XYZ sucks " is an excellent search to do on the web before investing
time/money into anything.  

I think it would do potential users a favor, noting that freespire
hardware detection/support is not up to par.


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