Fwd: ubuntu inquiry for use of internet cafes in imus, cavite

Zak B. Elep zakame at ubuntu.com
Wed Oct 18 05:35:16 BST 2006

Hi Gener (and the Ubuntu folks too! =)

To Ubunteros: The following was sent to me from Gener sometime ago,
asking about how Ubuntu can be of service to internet cafes,
especially those cafes that focus on providing (mostly MMO) gaming

Of course, I know the usual answers to this one (Gener: internet
browsing in Ubuntu is a given; MMOs usually need some emulator if
there are no native GNU/Linux versions; Ubuntu installation and
configuration isn't as difficult as it seems to be, especially with
Edgy 6.10 around the cornet ;) but I'd like to have an update of this

Also of note is the final paragraph; for those playing at home, there
had been some major concerns here in the Philippines last year about
Microsoft, et al. cracking down internet cafes using pirated Windows,
and caused a major scare that even companies running legit Windows got
wobbly-kneed in the fear of being targeted by the NBI dogs hired(?) by
MS.  In fairness to that act, people got interested enough to look at
alternatives, and in my own experience of these events I was able to
migrate a school laboratory using very old Windows to Ubuntu Hoary by
myself at the time.

To Gener: I hope my answers can just nudge you to the right direction.
 I've CCed my reply to both the Ubuntu-PH mailing list (where you can
subscribe to and post in Filipino or in your local dialect; just
follow the instructions at the listinfo page[0]) and to Sounder (where
you can join the chit-chat of the broader community as well.)  I hope
the other folks on those lists can provide you with deeper insight.

[0]  https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-ph



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: genermorada <gener62166 at yahoo.com>
Date: Oct 17, 2006 10:01 PM
Subject: ubuntu inquiry for use of internet cafes in imus, cavite
To: zakame at gmail.com

i'm the president of the internet cafe association of imus, inc here
in the province of cavite.  i heard about the ubuntu program through
the representative of mobius.  he said that it is a stable os and
could run windows based programs.  i am not really that well versed in
terms of the linux programing i would like to inquire if this program
would be able to help us operators of internet cafes as a substitute
for windows due to its licensing requirements.   i would like to know
if it has the capacity to run on line games that was programmed for

your reply would be of great help in resolving the licensing problems
that us internet cafe owners are trying to resolve.

for your kind attention

thank you

gener morada

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