Reversion to Dapper Artwork

Scott geekboy at
Thu Oct 12 19:02:45 BST 2006

", "Daniel Robitaille spake thusy);:
> On Thu, 2006-12-10 at 12:40 +0100, m c wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> I'd just like to say (not that I have any sway in these matters) I
>> strongly disagree with the decision to revert to Dapper artwork for
>> Edgy. [If I have gotten the wrong impression about this please ignore
>> the silly rant below]
> for the few people on sounder who are not involved in all this, could we
> get details about it late breaking news?  I couldn't even find anything
> on that decision after a quick scan of the ubuntu-art mailing list.

That was the first place I checked as well and nothing...

How odd.

> So  the default artwork of Edgy will be exactly like the one in Dapper?

I hope this isn't a permanent decision.  It almost defeats the purpose
of "Edgy".

I for one liked the artwork.  I *love(d)* the background in GDM.  In
fact I made it my desktop background as well.  I liked the default Edgy
desktop background but I liked the GDM a bit more.

I've been in Kubuntu for the past day, but I've run several
dist-upgrades since then. So I guess my beloved artwork is gone. :-(

I figured it was safe this late in the process.

I guess I'll pay better attention now. :-)

Fortunately for me I did think to backup my ubuntu-sounds a while back.
As 4/5 of the length of the (very cool)  startup and shutdown sounds
seem to be history.

Development Distributions = Adventure! :-)

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