[ubuntu-art] Reversion to Dapper Artwork

Ryan Troy ryan at emailblue.com
Thu Oct 12 19:25:50 BST 2006

I don't have any opinion on this discussion. However, users on the  
forums do. This thread might warrant a reading from
the decision makers..


- Ryan

On Oct 12, 2006, at 2:17 PM, jarrodhenry at comcast.net wrote:

> Speaking as someone who is not a SABDFL , Not on the art-list, and  
> just someone who wants to do more with Ubuntu..
> It is unfortunate that the art isn't going to be ready.  That said,  
> it's only wasted if it's WASTED.  That is, if it's completely  
> thrown away without use.
> Now, Mark has spoken, and that's all good and fine, but might there  
> be room for a compromise here?  Perhaps the artwork will be ready  
> shortly, but will miss the release of Edgy.  Perhaps it could be  
> offered as a package after release?  If we're just talking artwork  
> here, there is a minimum of testing that would need to take place.
> That said.. I work in a software development environment for my  
> living.   Whether or not "art" (we call it product labeling here)  
> and "coding" should or shouldn't be run the same is irrelevant.   
> The release is driven first by Time, second by Feature.  We've  
> already taken a hit on the release of Dapper, and to take a  
> followup on the release of Edgy would be met with some skepticism.
> It is a sad fact of life that sometimes you work very hard on a  
> project only to have someone come along and just deem it out for a  
> given release due to the scope changing or the release date being  
> immutable.
> Don't worry. Take it as a learning experience and move forward.   
> Once Edgy is released, Edgy+1 is next.    (Insert copious lobbying  
> for "Furious Ferret" here)
> That's just the opinion of a "user",  It was free, and if you're  
> upset by it, well.. ya get what you paid for :)
> Jarrod
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