[ubuntu-art] Reversion to Dapper Artwork

jarrodhenry at comcast.net jarrodhenry at comcast.net
Thu Oct 12 19:17:08 BST 2006

Speaking as someone who is not a SABDFL , Not on the art-list, and just someone who wants to do more with Ubuntu..

It is unfortunate that the art isn't going to be ready.  That said, it's only wasted if it's WASTED.  That is, if it's completely thrown away without use.  

Now, Mark has spoken, and that's all good and fine, but might there be room for a compromise here?  Perhaps the artwork will be ready shortly, but will miss the release of Edgy.  Perhaps it could be offered as a package after release?  If we're just talking artwork here, there is a minimum of testing that would need to take place.

That said.. I work in a software development environment for my living.   Whether or not "art" (we call it product labeling here) and "coding" should or shouldn't be run the same is irrelevant.  The release is driven first by Time, second by Feature.  We've already taken a hit on the release of Dapper, and to take a followup on the release of Edgy would be met with some skepticism.

It is a sad fact of life that sometimes you work very hard on a project only to have someone come along and just deem it out for a given release due to the scope changing or the release date being immutable.

Don't worry. Take it as a learning experience and move forward.  Once Edgy is released, Edgy+1 is next.    (Insert copious lobbying for "Furious Ferret" here)

That's just the opinion of a "user",  It was free, and if you're upset by it, well.. ya get what you paid for :)


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