[ubuntu-art] Reversion to Dapper Artwork

Toby Smithe toby.smithe at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 18:45:27 BST 2006

I have to say I strongly disagree:

On Thu, 2006-10-12 at 17:46 +0100, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> Reverting to Dapper would not be a great outcome - but it would be
> preferable to shipping with artwork that does not meet our standards.
> We've invested a huge amount of time and effort in the Edgy art
> community process, and thus far we don't have a final set of images
> that IMO cut the mustard. 

This second clause rather contradicts the first (in the second
sentence). We have invested a huge amount of time, but you're still
prepared to waste that when people have spent their own spare time, for
free, on it? This just seems unprofessional and against the spirit of
free software.

> That's not a critique of the capabilities of any of the individual
> artists, just that we haven't pulled it all together as well as we
> hoped.

Surely this will let those hard-working souls down? It's pulled together
incredibly well I feel, especially for a trial run in a very fresh
community. It can only get better, and that is a wonderful thing.

> So. I'm continuing to speak with the AiC and art community members (we
> have had a series of conference calls in recent days, trying to
> converge on a good looking result). I hope we can get a set that rocks
> in place, but I'm not going to delay Edgy for that. I'd rather use it
> as a learning experience than live with art that I don't think
> reflects the best of what we can do as a community.

You don't need to delay Edgy. I think most people would have agreed that
the previous community set did indeed rock. Remember we had 4 months as
opposed to six, and this is the first "Edgy" release after the LTS.

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