Freespire's Google ads: "What is Ubuntu Missing?"

Scott geekboy at
Sun Oct 8 21:18:53 BST 2006

", "Karl Goetz spake thusy);:
> Scott wrote:
>> Personally I like it because (to me) it's "Debian the way Debian should
>> have been by now".
> at the risk of starting a tangent - whats wrong with debian now? the bit
> where it needs more then 1 cd, or where its not 'pre setup' :|
> kk

Stable starts off with a number of what I consider important apps that
are already outdated.

Testing gets hung up on dependencies/updates/upgrades that are stuck in
unstable due to the Commodore 64 and Intel 8088 versions not compiling.....

Unstable is just that... Unstable.

Ubuntu = Debian testing/unstable, but (mostly) very stable and updated
every 6 months.

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