Freespire's Google ads: "What is Ubuntu Missing?"

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Fri Oct 6 22:21:48 BST 2006

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From: Scott <geekboy at>

> And I've followed the guides all over the web (including those in the
> wiki) and the highly touted GStreamer is useless to me (I'm running
> Edgy).  totem-gstreamer works but totem-mozilla does not. I get errors
> on every site I land on with (non-flash) video (unfortunately 99% of
> those are Windows Media).  I've installed every gstreamer plugin and
> nothing helps.

Well, on that note, I suspect many would disagree with me.. but I went the Automatix route.   No real problems encountered.  Won't help you since you're in Edgy land (and I did the upgrade to Edgy myself without TOO many faults.. I missed a directory in /etc/apt/ that contained more sources.. simply leaving it as "edit /etc/apt/sources.list and replace all dapper with edgy" might not be enough.)

Though, on the Ubuntu computer for my parents, I just went into OEM mode, added a repo for my personal repository, used automatix to get what was necessary, put a few more repos in, and OEM'd the machine to shutdown.  When they start it up, they'll just pick their timezone and other such things, and then be on their way.  

And hopefully they'll have no problems converting the family to using Skype for free calls or Gizmo or other such things.


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