blog entry: "The Name ???Firefox??? Not Allowed In Ubuntu?"

Rolf Kutz kutz at
Wed Oct 4 10:20:10 BST 2006

* Quoting Jeff Waugh (jdub at

> <quote who="Conrad Knauer">
> > If Debian called it "Firefox - Debian Community Edition" or some such
> > ("Firefox DCE"? witha  corresponding "Firefox UCE" for us? :) would that
> > satisfy Mozilla's desire to maintain its trademark?  Hmm... I'll try to
> > add that to the bug report :-)
> "Firefox" is the trademark. "Firefox - Super Porn Spyware Edition" wouldn't

IIRC "Mozilla Firefox" was the name of the
web-browser, since there has been a firefox
database software before mozilla changed the

> satisfy Mozilla's licensing terms, nor their desires for the trademark.

That's another question.

- Rolf

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