Freespire's Google ads: "What is Ubuntu Missing?"

Jan Claeys lists at
Tue Oct 3 20:16:02 BST 2006

Op di, 03-10-2006 te 07:50 -0400, schreef Eric Dunbar:
> There is in fact EXTREMELY little difference, conceptually, between
> Ubuntu and Freespire. Both are based on open source software. Neither
> REQUIRES proprietary software to function -- Freespire provides and
> HIGHLIGHTS a full 'open source'-only version for the "free software
> purist" (I might be slightly modifying the wording of that quote).
> The primary difference is that Freespire offers the OPTION to install
> proprietary software that is 100% illegal if it were done through the
> 'open source' model. 

Please google for "ubuntu restricted repository", "ubuntu multiverse
repository" and "ubuntu commercial repository" instead of believing
everything Freespire says...  ;-)

Not that we have legal DVD playing yet, but at least MP3, MPEG4 and Real
are legally available.  (And more will follow, I guess.)

Jan Claeys

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