Freespire's Google ads: "What is Ubuntu Missing?"

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Mon Oct 2 18:09:00 BST 2006

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Shawn McMahon wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 03, 2006 at 01:39:02AM +1000, Melissa Draper said:
>> If Pepsi was to launch a campaign "Is Coca-Cola missing stuff?", do you
>> think it would be ethical? No? My point exactly. What freespire has
> I'd say absolutely ethical, yes, unless they lied about Coca-Cola.  You
> could argue it'd be a trademark violation, but I don't think you'd win.

In some countries, including mine, comparative advertising is illegal.
You are only allowed to compare statistically ("Pepsi has the best fizz
of all the soft drinks" (fine print: according to Pepsi Magazine (tm))).

Because of this, we had, for example, a car commercial, where some
twenty cars covered with white cloth race down a long road (mind you, it
was obviously American or similar, so such rules have to be/had to have
been present there too) - until finally the one car that beat the
uniform mass by leaps and bounds was revealed to be the advertised brand.

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