Upstream looking for testing and documentation help

Anthony Yarusso tonyyarusso at
Mon Oct 2 05:22:06 BST 2006

The folks working on a tool called upstream are approaching an alpha
release, and would appreciate more help testing their software,
reporting bugs in it, and providing feedback.  (From their web site:) 
"Upstream is a collection of tools that allow users to send in system
specific log and troubleshooting data to support personnel.  It can be
easily modified to output data to any pastebin or support tracker." 
Essentially this tool simplifies the process of getting useful
information from users seeking help, such as their xorg.conf file or
lspci output, which is often frustrating for the person helping them and
confusing for the (often new to Linux) user they are dealing with.  As
they put it,

"Upstream aims to simplify the support cycle and make it more efficient.
One of the main problems that support staff     face when helping people
via IRC or mailing lists is getting user log files across."

"Often this process is time consuming, and many new users may even be
unable to find / copy these logs.  Occasionally, users may accidentally
paste an entire log file in to an IRC channel, earning them a ban, and
confusing them in the process."

For more information, see  To
start testing, see SVN info at

The team can be contacted in #upstream on and via the
mailing list listed at

I am CC'ing the doc team on this because upstream is also looking for
help writing their documentation.  However, this is not an
Ubuntu-specific project, and so is not under the doc team's official
jurisdiction; I am merely mentioning it to you as people who have shown
an interest in documentation that might be willing to lend a hand.

Any help would be appreciated.

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