blog entry: "The Name “Firefox” Not Allowed In Ubuntu?"

Shot (Piotr Szotkowski) shot at
Sun Oct 1 18:53:38 BST 2006

Jan Claeys:

> I think Debian would prefer Firefox to stay with the 'firefox'
> name, not in the least because it saves them from having to rename
> a package after distro freeze (meaning several other packages might
> need a change to their dependencies too)

Wouldn’t all the packages depending on
Firefox have to be moved to non-free as well?

> (Wouldn't it be sad if Debian and Ubuntu have to rename firefox
> because that's the only way to get "legal" security updates? Because,
> from what I understand, that's one of the reasons why the Debian
> maintainer wants to rename firefox...)

There are basically two reasons:

1. Debian needs to be able to patch Firefox
without having to clear each patch with Mozilla.

2. Debian can’t ship the Firefox logo in main, because it’s non-free,
and Mozilla doesn’t allow naming something Firefox without the logo.

-- Shot
When you're great, people often mistake candor for bragging.   -- Calvin
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