Shortage of IT people ?

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On 9/25/06, Vincent Trouilliez <vincent.trouilliez at> wrote:
> When Ubuntu was born, I was hoping it would be successul quickly and that
> it would convince SABDFL to put more money into Ubuntu to employ more people
> to make Ubuntu become even better, faster.
> 2 years on, Ubuntu is the success I was dreaming it would be, and SABDFL
> is recruiting even more than I was hoping, so thanks SABDFL !
> But... I keep an eye on the employment page on, and it seems
> that job ads just keep piling up... unanswered :-(
> I was under the impression that there were a wealth of IT people out there
> these days, and that there more and more of them, so I was both surprised
> and disappointed to see the job ads still up for grabs !
> Why is that ? Is it because there a  lot of IT people on the market, but
> the real good ones are actually still scarce hence difficult to find ?
> Or is it because SABDFL doesn't offer enough money to attract these
> talented people ? Or is it because the job ads seek a super hero that
> doesn't exist, hence nobody even dares to apply ? Or maybe the job ads
> aren't placed/advertised enough, or in the right places ?
> Or maybe there are a lot of people that apply, but SABDFL what's the best
> of the best for Ubuntu, and has big problems finding people good enough to
> his taste ?
> I am trying to understand, because I am so happy to see SABDFL recruiting,
> but so frustrated to see that nobody actually comes up to get the job and
> help improve Ubuntu ! :o(
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Here in the Philippines, people are taking up nursing, even doctors are
taking up nursing. It's one of the example of manpower shortage.

University Scholar, Open Source promoter in the Philippines. Quick and Dirty
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