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Thu Nov 23 18:45:24 GMT 2006

Op donderdag 23-11-2006 om 09:52 uur [tijdzone +1000], schreef Nikolai:
> Jan Claeys wrote:
> >> 16-bit image support of the image editing app (Gimp lacks that)
> > 
> > But CinePaint/FilmGimp has it.   ;-)
> > (As well as one of the KDE apps IIRC?)

> I know about Cinepaint, I have had it installed in hope to get rid of
> Photoshop but it's nowhere near it, it lacks some important editing 
> tools

Movie companies seem to like it for post-processing, but of course
that's not the same as editing photographs.

>  and I don't remember if it supports colour management.

Most likely not.

> I have never heard of IIRC though, lemme fire up the Synaptic :-) 


But seriously, I was talking about Krita:

Jan Claeys

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