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Mike wrote:
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>>> If you find a fix, please post it here. I'm having the same issue, but have 
>>> always been too lazy to try adnd fix it.
>>> Sasha
>> It works! Here is the solution to the mailing list @ gmail problem:
>> Assuming you have an email account with your ISP as well as the gmail
>> account, you need to set up your email client's SMTP server settings to
>> your ISP's SMTP server instead of gmail's smtp server. You can still
>> send email as "you" but instead of going through gmail's smtp
>> server its going through your isp's smtp server. The posts that you send
>> to the list will now come through on your email client (at least they do
>> on mine). If you need further help setting it up, just ask.
>> Hope this helps :)
>> Mike
> I actually stumbled across this solution because I have two computers
> that I regularly use. On my SuSE box, I use Thunderbird for my primary
> ISP email account and another gmail account which I use for several
> mailing lists. I noticed that I never had this problem with Thunderbird.
> I checked out my setup and realized that Thunderbird only allows (1)
> smtp server to be used, no matter how many pop3 accounts you have. Since
> I had Thunderbird setup to my primary ISP's SMTP server and I had no
> problems with my gmail posts to mailing lists with Thunderbird, I tried
> the same approach with Evolution on my Ubuntu box and it works. 

I guess I have to try this...

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