Sun to open source Java?

Harold hrsawyer at
Mon Nov 13 16:14:26 GMT 2006

As I look at video webcasting options for my church website, there is 
not anything except realaudio or flash that allows for a majority of 
surfers to watch.

I am still looking, but am leaning towards those two.

?Harold Sawyer

Nikolai wrote:
> Sean Hammond wrote:
>> It seems you need RealPlayer to watch the webcast. How ironic. Is
>> Stallman going to appear on a RealPlayer webcast then? I hope not.
> Indeed, it is ironic. On the other hand, what other choice does he have?
> Flash? Windows Media? Quicktime? Me thinks perhaps he doesn't have any
> choice at all, he either speaks or he doesn't :-)
> Nikolai

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