Summit : what are the voip call numbers for the various rooms ??

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Mon Nov 6 23:02:11 GMT 2006

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Vincent Trouilliez wrote:
> Toby Smithe <toby.smithe at> wrote:
>> It seems that there's just one poor-quality mic for the whole room. It's
>> alright when someone with their own mic talks. It's a tad difficult to
>> follow though...
> Yes that's also my feeling. It's a shame because it's so crap that it's
> useless, and even painful to listen to, whereas it could have been
> superb if SABDFL had bought a decent mic (15 USD ?) for everybody.
> Hopefully in 6 months for the next summit, it will be done, and it will
> be a pleasure and excitement to listen to all the rooms, with the same
> quality as broadcast FM radios. Nevertheless, it was an improvement
> over last summit's "teamspeak" system, so I am sure SABDFL will try and
> improve things again for the next summit... crossing fingers ! ;-)
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> Vince, with great hopes (naive dreams ?) for the next summit...

I'm sure you can rent conference mikes cheaply. I've seen it done, here
at least. OK, why don't we do the next UDS here, in Prague? :)

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