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Mon Nov 6 21:03:32 GMT 2006

Op zondag 05-11-2006 om 22:57 uur [tijdzone +0000], schreef Matthew
> So my idea is this - one of the great aims/purposes of LP is to permit
> bug/feature/support/translation activity to go on and be shared between
> different projects, different distributions, different upstream
> projects, and so on. It is to encourage collaboration between projects.
> By open sourcing LP *before* this purpose is fully achieved by the
> software, other projects would be able to setup different instances of
> it, and the benefits of sharing a single resource would be lost. Maybe,
> once LP has perfected sharing between projects, and gradually as more
> projects begin to realise its potential, this risk will no longer exist,
> and more and more code can be open sourced, which as the LP faq
> explains, is a real aim for those working on it. 

Well, I have said something about this before; I don't really like the
current centralised, monolithic, SPoF approach that is the idea behind

My idea(l) is that infrastructure like this should be distributed, so
that every project can run its own launchpad _or_ compatible system(s),
distributions can interact with their upstreams, program authors can
interact with their upstreams, (advanced?) users can set up their
private system, etc., and all this in an almost transparent fashion.

Something that's to Launchpad like what Bazaar is to CVS or Subversion.

Of course, this is just my dream...  ;-)

Jan Claeys

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