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Cybe R. Wizard cybe_r_wizard at
Thu Nov 2 16:16:17 GMT 2006

"Eric Dunbar" <eric.dunbar at>  said:
> The other lists have very specific purpose. Sounder is the grab-bag
> list for miscellaneous items -- the 'tech discussions' were very
> abstract in nature and, at best deserve some notice (but not posting
> to that list) by the denizens of ubuntu-dev who are making decisions,
> but, not IMNSHO on ubuntu-users where users are concerned with getting
> their machines up and running.

Correcting misapprehensions about how to upgrade isn't technical enough
for the vast majority of users who aren't subscribed to Sounder?  I'd
think that most (especially GNUbies) would truly benefit from learning
how to and how /not/ to upgrade their systems.  Isn't that enough about
how to get a system 'up and running?'  

I know I'd consider it a tech problem were I to have upgraded
incorrectly and hosed my system thereby.  I'd also expect to find
solutions on the tech list, not Sounder.

Cybe R. Wizard
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