Oops, re aptitude : was [Re: Edgy in the news]

Andreas Lloyd lloydinho at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 20:59:06 GMT 2006

Mario Vukelic wrote:
> I understand that how to contain wrong advice is a hard unsolved
> problem. (Another example is that there are STILL people on ubuntu-users
> (not to even speak of slashdot or other tech websites) who recommend
> Automatix, which will lead to the next round of hosed updates for
> Feisty.) But if Canonical wants Ubuntu Linux to be huge AND
> user-friendly it needs to start thinking about how to solve this.

One central point would be to integrate as much of what Automatix does
directly into the GNOME application installer (the Add/Remove... entry
in the Applications menu) so that these can be installed in a sane,
secure and supported way.

The Common Customizations spec sought to do exactly that, but was
delayed as it depends on the EasyCodecInstallation spec to be
implemented first. It now seems more relevant than ever, though as it
will take some changing of habits to get users to use the G-A-I rather
than Automatix which they are already familiar with.

You can check the specs here and add your input on them for discussion
at the UDS:


With regards to the problem of faulty advice, that is very tricky to
cover. Old (Debian) habits die hard, and people will have difficulty
accepting that what has been good advice for years now is at fault.



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