Proposal to get this list back on track

Sasha Tsykin stsykin at
Fri Mar 24 03:39:18 GMT 2006

>> What the bloody hell are you talking about (to paraprase an ad)?
> I was told, most vehemently, in the past that discussion of how to deal 
> with off-topic posts on an ubuntu list belongs on sounder and not on the 
> list in question. So I pointed out the humour in the sender's statement 
> that "many emails recently have been sent to [-devel] with content that 
> doesn't belong to the list". I then directed the sender to sounder (I 
> replied-to-all). I believe my email was polite and gracious - if a 
> little informal.
> Out of interest, what advert is the paraphrase from?
The advertisement in the UK about Australia (it got banned, and then the 
ban was repealed, great publicity for us so thanks to the agency that 
censored it originally ;)).


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