Preference for CLI commands in the manuals and wiki

Chanchao custom at
Tue Mar 21 10:36:04 GMT 2006

For a lot of the manuals, online help and wiki articles I note a
tendency to use terminal commands and text-editor changes to config
files, even when perfectly good Gnome based graphical tools exist to do
the same thing. 

This is understandable because it results in more concise instructions
without the need for screen shots that show how to do stuff. 

It is also understandable because the people who write documentation are
often power users & gurus who tend to prefer command line things no
matter what. 

However I think it's wrong. :)   No matter how you look at it, doing
anything using graphical tools is MUCH easier AND, equally important,
instills a lot more confidence for novice users.  Even for myself,
unless it's something crucial that I absolutely need, I often don't
bother with something when doing it takes page after page of commands
and config file changes.  'This shouldn't be that hard, I'll wait for
the tool.'

I think novice users will feel 'this shouldn't be that hard' even when
seeing just one relatively simple 'apt-get' that requires opening a

So I think it would be good to encourage people to actually explain
things using the graphical administration tools, because that's what
they're for, and they're getting better and better. 


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