Yet another reason to get angry with Bill...

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Sun Mar 19 02:43:50 GMT 2006

On Sun, 2006-03-19 at 03:02 +0200, Alan McKinnon wrote:
> reports some substantial speed-ups for 2.14. I just hope it 
> runs faster than it compiles - it's 3am local time and gnome has been 
> compiling for 13 hours on my box - a 2600+ Athlon with 512M.
> Let's see how it runs when it's done, stay tuned for feedback

Oops, maybe I wasn't clear... I do run 2.14 already, as it was released
a few days ago and found it's way into Dapper.
If I said "I gather they improved the speed...", it's because quite
Frankly I don't notice any "significant" improvements compared to
I might sense some slight improvements here and there, but it's slight
so might as well be placebo effect...
I think the problem is that I have used Dapper for 3 months now, so I
even if there are indeed improvements, they were probably gradual, plus
the fact that they probably too slight to be noticed without a side by
side comparison with Breezy/2.12, which is impossible with only one
machine on my desk...
So I think until there are MAJOR speed improvements, in MANY places, it
will always feel sluggish.
It's like OpenOffice. I clocked it a year ago at about 30 or 35 seconds
when starting the word processor. Yesterday a friend told me that on his
Mandriva machine, it takes only 15 seconds not 30. I was
shocked/surprised, until I clocked it on Dapper and got similar times !
But I didn't notice it because although it was literally now twice as
fast, it was still slow. I think until they manage to start it under 3
seconds (like Abiword or Gnumeric do), it will always feel slow. It's
unfair, but such is a human brain... mine anyway :-)

But why do you go through the trouble of compiling gnome ? It's easier
to just test Dapper, as you get the very latest of Gnome every
morning :-)
Of course if you compile, you can control the flags, but I guess the
Ubuntu devs compile it to be as fast as possible, why would they do

Sure enough, with a single processor, it's gonna take time to compile...
please tell us how much time it took to compile, I am curious ! :-)


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