Advice on CLI mail client that support mail threading

Shawn McMahon smcmahon at
Sun Mar 12 19:19:33 GMT 2006

On Sun, Mar 12, 2006 at 02:53:03PM +0800, John said:
> >Most Linux users don't use it that way, they set up something to pull
> >all their mail locally and then read the local mailspool.  It is not
> >necessary, but you will find it has tremendous advantages, such as the
> >ability to have all your spam filtration happen before you open your
> >mail client.
> >
> It also lacks flexibility if you're one who uses more than one computer 
> (I'm a little extreme with three laptops and several desktops and email 
> clients, but quite a few folk use more than one).

Actually, it adds quite a bit of flexibility; instead of being limited
to the methods of access allowed by your provider, you can install as
many as you like on that central machine you control, and access your
mail any way you like, from anywhere.  I have a similarly diverse setup;
I access my mail on my home server with laptops, cellphones, desktops,
and using friends' machines and strangers' machines, although the latter
usually either with a boot CD or boot USB key.

Best part is, if I decide I want a protocol, such as IMAPS, I don't have
to beg my providers for it; I just provide it myself.  My mail is
aggregated, so if I can get to any of it, I can get to all of it.

I do maintain a gmail account for when I can't get to my system;
robustness is one of the things big ISPs do better than home users.

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