The shiny Dapper logout dialog

Manu Cornet lmanul at
Fri Mar 10 14:32:52 GMT 2006

Hi !

[I just subscribed to sounder, no need to CC me]

> There has not been a response from people that decide about this matter, 
> so it wasn't rejected, too. Maybe it was overlooked. What do you think? 
> Manu, do you have a say in this? Other people, is there some particular 
> dialog you like/prefer?

I personnaly like the idea. Since today is the UI freeze (and I believe
it applies to this dialog), I think it could be made possible if :

1) someone agrees to hack this *fast* (meaning: today). I'll try to code
this, but I don't guarantee anything; if you were thinking of coding it
yourself, be welcome :) And

2) people who actually decide (meaning: not me ^^) agree with this

Moreover, the whole pinky-background-and-different-font look & feel
would probably take some time to hack. It'll be simpler to just have
black title over the usual gray background, I guess.

I'll try to post a mockup soon.


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