New DHCP client in development..

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Mar 8 14:50:51 GMT 2006

John wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:
>>>>>Why isn't configuring hotplug properly the "one true Linux way?"
>>>>Because hotplug is obsolete.  Dapper doesn't have it.  Now we use udev
>>>>and hal.
>>>It doesn't really answer the question, does it? Why don't udev & hal do
>>>it then?
>>>Or hotplug in those systems still using it.
>> Well, I think it does pretty much answer it.  The problem is that there
>> _is_ no one true way, and Linuxers really don't like trying to define a
>> one true way (look at how well the Linux Standard Base is doing).
>> udev _does_ handle configuring the modules - which is all hotplug was
>> doing. You could make udev/hal do more, but we've already got tools that
>> do the
>> job.  afaict, what you're asking for is done by ifplugd.
> Alright then, if ifplugd does the job, why do we need yet another dhcp
> client? 

I certainly don't need a new DHCP client - but there's always someone who'll
see another option.  Obviously if the old dhcp client developers agreed it
was needed we wouldn't _get_ another client, we'd get enhancements to the
old ones.

> Can't the vendors just make the existing tools do the job 
> properly?

afaict, they do... at least those vendors who give a hoot about Linux

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