Paris summit : how to be informed of progress throughout the week ??

Shawn McMahon smcmahon at
Tue Jun 20 14:49:54 BST 2006

On Tue, Jun 20, 2006 at 11:16:05AM +0200, Vincent Trouilliez said:
> I tried , loos like it, but I can't find a download
> page, I fear it's proprietary AND not free, as apparently the software
> is the only product the company has to make business. I tried navigating isn't TeamSpeak the voice chat program; it's some
unrelated consulting company.

TeamSpeak the application is free as in beer.  However, the server
requires licensing for commercial use, and I have no idea whether Ubuntu
qualifies for that or not.  The website, ,
is Linux-friendly.

Using an Open tool would be much better, but I wanted to clear up the
misconceptions for purposes of the mailing list archive.

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