Paris summit : how to be informed of progress throughout the week ??

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Tue Jun 20 01:33:44 BST 2006


For the last conference, for Dapper, I remember there were some videos
of some of the meetings made available to us, poor end-users, so we can
enjoy the meeting in some way. There were pics too I think.

Is there a web/wiki page somewhere that has been setup, where they post
content/material, every day, to keep us informed of the current meeting
in Paris, where they could post comments, videos of meeting, pics or
anything they can find the time to post ??
I think I read somewhere that for the first time this time, they would
use a headset and video conferencing software so people who can't be
there, can be "there" too. but I am not sure if this was meant to be
open to end users, or if it's a private affair between Canonical people.
If it's open to everybody, what software must we use, ekiga ? And where
is the schedule of the talks, so we know when to connect to watch and
listen to them ?? That would be super cool and modern !! :o)

Hoping someone at Paris is reading this...

Vince, so curious...

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