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Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Fri Jun 16 03:41:09 BST 2006

On Fri, 2006-06-16 at 09:49 +0800, Senectus . wrote:
> I'll make some time this weekend for some more detailed suggestions,
> perhaps Vince you should as well.

Honestly, I feel so overwhelmed by the complexity of Malone that I don't
even feel the courage to sit down to remember and collect all my
thoughts. The thing is, I think it's still heavily being worked on, it's
a moving target, it's quite tiring to me. Maybe in a year or two, once
it has matured and settled, I will file some suggestions if I still find
it has lacks in the usability department.

More generally speaking, after 20 months of living this exciting
Linux/Ubuntu adventure, I am starting to feel really overwhelmed by all
the complexity and density of the project, the project infrastructure at
large is so complex, so many teams, so many wiki pages, so many
projects, so many people and nicknames to learn, who does what where
how... I just can't keep up. Simply keeping a distant/loose eye on
everything has become too demanding. The other day I watched silently
the devs' meeting on IRC. Simply trying to follow the discussion, with
all the comments being mixed, was too much for me. I am really starting
to consider every develop and every heavily involved community member,
who deal with this and keep up with it every single day that god makes,
and still find te time to actually do productive work/code, well I am
starting to look at them more and more as either super hero's,
genetically modified/improved beings, or maybe ET's !
And it's only the start... god knows how much more large and complex the
Ubuntu vessel will be in 5 years time, I am scared just to think of it.
Sometimes I think I should try to just use stable releases, and let the
more clever and committed users debug the thing. Linux is such a moving
target, so much energy and time is wasted, spent in trying to understand
and use things that will be replaced or modified 6 months, a year or two
later. Sometimes I feel like waiting 10 years for Linux to mature and
settle somewhat, then only see if there are still annoying bugs and file
them. But as of today, it's such a huge pile of bugs, at least the
Desktop/GUI part of things, that I sometimes feel it's a waste of time
to file them, as it's impossible to file everything, not even knowing
where to start, and that I should just wait a few years for the thing to
mature and settle. Yes, I am feeling blue today I think, I see the Linux
glass half empty instead of half full... hopefully the next 5 years of
development will make the glass 95% full... and I will feel enthusiastic
no matter how I look at the glass...

Vince, overwhelmed and lacking energy...

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