Support services (was: Ubuntu mentioned on Slashdot article)

Paul Sladen ubuntu at
Wed Jun 14 17:46:50 BST 2006

On Wed, 14 Jun 2006, Anders Karlsson wrote:
> That was not what I asked. :) Does Ubuntu give same support that RedHat
> gives for those $1500.

Ubuntu doesn't 'provide' support.  Ubuntu is an operating system.

A company, such as your local Linux-exports, or Canonical, provides support.

The reason that these companies will provide at the *same* of support for
the *same* price is that otherwise it would be more economical to go with
Red Hat.

The difference is that you have the freedom to choose a support-supplier;  
perhaps one that provides a better service, or for less money, or a
longer-period...  You are not tied down.

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