Installing a compiler by default

Pete Ryland pdr at
Sun Jun 11 08:24:01 BST 2006

On Sat, Jun 10, 2006 at 12:35:04PM -0500, Scott Dier wrote:
> >Restrict it to all users in the group adm (or some other admin group) or 
> >give it it's own group, by default. This allows easy additions (just add 
> >the user to the group and they can compile), and means that anyone NOT in 
> >that group 
> If such a plan is adopted it *must* be configurable at install time via 
> debconf and preferably the option will disable and remove out of the 
> path any such wrapper scripts, not just act as a way to shim over to gcc 
> with some sgid script.

A wrapper script wouldn't be necessary, nor use of the sgid bit.  Just have
a group called gcc and set the permissions on the binaries to:

-rwxr-x--- 1 root gcc 93584 2006-04-20 23:22 /usr/bin/gcc-4.0


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