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Cybe R. Wizard cybe_r_wizard at
Sun Jun 11 04:17:30 BST 2006

In the Great Book it has Been Written that on Fri, 9 Jun 2006 21:24:35
+0200 Alan McKinnon <alan at> didst appear within my
Magick Viewing Screen and, being somewhat pleasantly supplicatory, did
polemicize thusly:

> On Friday 09 June 2006 19:20, Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
> > > > You do realize that now all the youngsters around here know
> > > > just how old you and I really are, hehe :-)
> > >
> > > yeah, but I look younger :-)
> > > --
> > > derek
> >
> > You two aren't old; you're just well seasoned.
> Hey Derek, it looks like one of the young 'uns is trying to cozy up
> to the old farts. Should we pull the old trick on him: 
> "in my day when I was your age we had to walk 16 miles to school 
> through the snow to school every day and it was uphill both ways 
> there and back"
> :-)

I went to that school.  We had to catch a rabbit or squirrel for
breakfast first, though, so we could skin it for moccasins in order to
make that walk.  Paw used to allow one rock per rabbit and expected two
squirrels for that same rock.  Then we had to bring it back to him for
evening's use... in the soup.  It worked  OK in the soup because we had
skinned the game with it that morning.

Cybe R. Wizard
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