Installing a compiler by default

Jerome Gotangco jgotangco at
Fri Jun 9 06:11:20 BST 2006

I've noticed in some instances that people coming to IRC would ask
what to do if they can't find an application from the repos or they
have access to a source file - I could say this is good incentive for
users to find the essential tools needed on a default install because
they are very much willing to try out something new and sometimes even
confident that they could do it. That alone, in my opinion is a good
incentive to support the proposal in behalf of users who are willing
to take a stab on compiling something.

Not only in IRC but even in the forums.

But in the end, whether we ship the feature on default or available
from the CD, it should still be properly explained in the help files
as much as possible.

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