ethical ubuntu

Jack Wasey gmane at
Tue Jun 6 12:50:14 BST 2006

Robin Sonefors wrote:
> The more I read about this spec, the more I like it.
> I feel you have the same idea, but different implementation. Right?

I've described a couple of implementation approaches, one of which is simply to 
provide links, not bombard the user with shocking stories in dialogue boxes! The 
links could be to pages for each problematic package and/or 
sites like the one you propose.

The difficulty is giving a fair representation of the ethical issue without 
leaning so far towards neutrality that the majority view is under-represented. I 
therefore suggest using references to a small selection of well known, well 
monitored and trusted sources, such as Wikipedia. I'd appreciate ideas on other 
sources which would be acceptable. If your proposed web site can achieve this 
balance, then it sounds like an excellent idea.

I'm glad you like the spec. Feel free to add to the wiki, particularly by 
describing your take on how to implement it.

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