An Ubuntu-based "Democrakey"?

Yuki Cuss celtic at
Sun Jun 4 03:53:10 BST 2006

On Sat, 2006-06-03 at 22:15 +0800, Michael T. Richter wrote:
> The article pointed to above has an interesting toolkit for keeping
> freedoms in an ever-increasingly circumscribed network world.  I
> sacrificed one of my USB keys to try out that toolkit under Windows.
> It works and it works well -- even to the extent of rendering the
> Great Firewall here in China useless.
> I can't help but notice, however, that all the tools recommended there
> (and most of the tools on PortableApps to begin with!) are Linux-based
> apps at their core.  This gave me an idea.
> Here's the challenge: to make an easily-built, easily-used USB key
> which matches the following specs: 
>      1. It must boot into an easy-to-use (by end-user standards) Linux
>         desktop. 
>      2. It must provide TrueCrypt or equivalent on-disk cryptography. 
>      3. It must provide anonymity for web browsing. 
>      4. It must be able to circumvent any corporate or government
>         firewall that doesn't render the whole Internet impossible to
>         use for all practical purposes.  (White-listing based
>         firewalls, naturally, aren't so easily circumvented.  They
>         are, however, such that they render the Internet pretty much
>         worthless to people behind them so internal pressures will
>         likely kill them before any technical circumvention could.) 
>      5. It must provide for secure, authenticated, anonymous,
>         chain-delivered email. 
>      6. It must be able to permit use of all supplied applications
>         without leaving footprints behind on the computer it was
>         booted on. 
>      7. It should fit into a 256MB USB key (albeit a tad cramped). 
>      8. It must fit comfortably into a 512MB USB key (while leaving
>         plenty of space for user files). 
>      9. It would be nice if it could also, at the same time, be usable
>         in a Windows environment without booting Linux (although this
>         would increase the size necessary, naturally).
> I'm willing to make such a beast if I could find the information on
> making a "Live USB Stick" from Ubuntu repositories somewhere.

I like the sound of it, so I'll give it a go. :)

 - Yuki.

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