Windows user who running list

Paul O'Malley ompaul at
Fri Jan 27 16:11:14 GMT 2006

Ananda Putra wrote:

>How many m$ windows users here who running mailinglist
>I've found one :D
>What do you think about it? It is ok against Ubuntu's strong commitmen
>to Free Software??
>Ananda Putra

Hi Ananda,

I am sorry to say that I feel like your pointing fingers at people as if 
it was some victory. Correct me if I am wrong but this is about building 
a community and moving forward. It is not about having fun at other 
peoples expense. For too long the "Linux Community" has faced inwards, 
we need to be open to adopt all comers with or without the restrictions 
they come with. This does not mean that the faith I have in the software 
is at all rocky, it means I realise that there are others out there who 
are not in as fortunate a position.

It could be as simple as the person has not got the right to run Ubuntu 
in their office, but agreement that they may read this list and post to 
it. Where is the crime in that?
Do they demonstrate SAMBA and how it works with windows as so use that 
mail client to show their customers how to (A) use samba (B) what it 
looks and feels like (C) something else.

Personally I do not use non free software unless I am really up against 
the wall, and then it is a case of getting the customer back to where 
they want to be. However before I use it I tend to explain to the 
licence of such software (note not the owner }:-> ), what is so wrong 
with running the software they are using.

When a customer says they need it for outlook/exchange that gets a 
reply. You are telling me that you want calendering, and you want mail. 
To me that is how you win friends and influence people. You can't tell 
people they are wrong, you have to show them what is right, they will 
come along in their own good time. If I may rephrase that, it is how to 
get more Ubuntu users, this is not about, my software is better than 
yours, it is much more like this, we are happy on the good ship Ubuntu, 
and there is still a of lot room for plenty more, in fact it can never 
be full even if it was the only software that people used.


Paul O'Malley

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