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I was interested about the Opensource situation in Bolivia.

This were my questions:

"I read that Evo Morales, an indigen will conduct Bolivia and he also
wants a turning away from the previous neoliberalism.  What means this
step for GNU Linux and Opensource in Bolivia?
Maby you, as a Linux User Group of the Universidad de Aquino Bolivia,
can answer this question or refer to
the right contact person for such questions.

I am further interested if ubuntu/kubuntu/edubuntu is known in

My first contact was the Linux User Group of the Universidad de Aquino
Bolivia. Then the forward my questions
to pinguinos at pinguinos.org and finally Dydier J. Rojas Guerrero
answered. I forward his answer to the sounder list
because I think we all are asked to help as far as we can.



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Greetings from Bolivia!
dydier at softwarelibre.org.bo
Tue, 24 Jan 2006 06:35:47 +0100 (CET)

littlepaul at 110-support.de


   In principle I want to greeting you and wish the best one in this year
(Sorry If my English is bad  :)  )

   Well thanks for the interest on the development of the Open Source and
Free Software in Bolivia, with this new government we have the hope of
which great changes exist, but we must consider that Bolivia does not
have much computer science advance, statistically few people have its
own computer or access to Internet, mainly by the lower economy, for
such reason I am proposing to arm the community Bolivian of Free

Happily I am obtaining good results already within few days we will have
the web page working, and one of the primary targets is to arrive at more
people, teaching and offering Free Software, where now the best option
than we have is Ubuntu.

We made several orders of CDs, we distributed them people to much
interested, obtaining good results, in fact in Sucre (I am from this
city), Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and La Paz there are many people who use
this distribution, by the improvements that it has. I even took to several
CDs to Tarija and Potosí, and I listened that there are a lot of people
interested in this distribution... I will to travel soon to Potosí, to
talk about that.

Currently I am trying to participate in the DebConf6, mainly so that I
read that Mark Shuttleworth will be present, would like to talk with him
on this subject, to see if it is possible that he can help us to develop
plans, in which Ubuntu, Kubutu and  Edubuntu would be our base, (I comment
to you that already we are testing certain in a province of Sucre where
the laboratory is working with Ubuntu), but I don?t know yet, If DebConf
are going to accept to sponsor to me, and get this possible meet.

Anyway I hope that you can help me and help us to structure projects, and
after go to the Government presenting a good plan to carry out a migration
and use of Open Source and Free Software, I am sure that very good results
can be obtained, where we will have futures developer and people that will
use in their majority only Free Software, and reason why I see Ubuntu will
be the main distribution.

But as I said to you, first we have to get more people in Bolivia that
help this idea.

I really hope you can help me to do that, If you want we can be talking

Best regards.

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Dydier J. Rojas Guerrero

Everyone are sincerely invited to participate

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