Ubuntu in the news: "Cosmonaut takes on Windows’ global reach "

grethe at bek.no grethe at bek.no
Mon Jan 23 09:59:28 GMT 2006

> Senectus . wrote:
>> The Munich thing is very interesting, I had though they were one-eyed
>> SuSE, and I've begun hearing rumours that the big Munich switch isn't
>> going as well as originally planed (not failing but not on schedule)
>> Any chance the SABDFL might expand on this a bit? :-)
> Yes - this is a misunderstanding with the author of the article, though
> it's an understandable misunderstanding. I was describing the economic
> model around desktop linux and saying that it seemed likely that Munich
> would not deploy Red Hat, with its strong commercial-style licensing,
> but would instead build its own using components similar to Ubuntu.
> There's some chance that it could be an Ubuntu derivative that they end
> up deploying, but we are not actually in discussions with Munich
> officials.

Whether to use SuSE or another distro was discussed when the CEO of Bergen
(Norway) talked about how the city of Bergen implemented free
software/open source software at Bergen (and Bsd) Linux User Group (BLUG).

You should take a loook at the city of Bergen (I know some of you have
been there, unfortunately I could not be there then).

Main interrest for Bergen is to have reliable deliverance, and an
opportunity to change deliverer when one is not satisfied, and then of
course, a good product. Choise was made to go with Suse/Novell.


By the way, referring to the discussion on "normal" persons propagating
Ubuntu.:I am a "normal" person - if you consider a female art critic and
media theorist, married to an artist working with electronic art and
sound, having two kids, as "normal". I do indeed give away all those CDs
that have arrived in some friends snail-mailbox. You do not need to have a
blog. As a matter of fact, I believe demographic studies of blog-readers
will show that blogging about Ubuntu (or whatever) has another effect than
handing over an install cd to your neighbour that hardly uses the net
exept for going in the bank and e-mailing family. Handing out cds is very

Would really, really love to be able to hand out edubuntu-live, as it
would function as any pc-game, and as alternative fun. Especially nice
considering  the work that has to be done raising the level on competenec
on math and science among kids at an early age. (grandma is a
mathematician, and she is worried ;-) More games on math and science is
welcomed by parents.

Having live-cds handed to the citizens - or the kids at the public
schoolds was discussed during the session at BLUG. Many has protested when
public authorities (e.g. schools) expect people to have MS Word installed.
I know Skolelinux exists, but I think they have specialised in the systems
at schools, and not adressing the parents directly. I have tried
skolelinux, and my main complain is the visual design. I consider edubuntu
to be much better. More cooperation between the twho would be nice.

ja ja.

Mummys thoughts of the day.

Grethe Melby, Bergen.

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