Matthew Paul Thomas' blog: "Ubuntu 5.10: Now more endurable"

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Tue Jan 3 23:18:16 GMT 2006

On 1/3/06, grethe at <grethe at> wrote:
> >
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> > Where he returns to his well publicized list of 69 usability problems
> > in Hoary from 9 months ago and updates it for Breezy.
> As it comes to # 69, I just want to say I like brown better than the
> conventional blue.

at first I didn't like the brown. One of the first thing I used to do
would be,  when setting up my account on a new machine was to switch
to the default blue-based Clearlook theme.  But now I don't bother
anymore; I guess I got used to it.

But one thing I always remove is the default desktop background.  The
Hoary/Breezy/Dapper default has always annoyed me.  I usually use a
single colour, brown (to go with the rest of the theme), or black.

Daniel Robitaille

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