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Corey Burger corey.burger at
Mon Jan 2 11:07:04 GMT 2006

> On 1/2/06, jorge o. castro < jorge at> wrote:
> >
> > Hey fellas,
> >
> > I just got done talking with dholbach and I came to the conclusion that
> > is getting way too boring. :)
> >
> > Now, I don't know about you guys, but if it's going to end up being me,
> > Corey, and Jerome blogging, then it's going to get boring pretty quick.
> > But don't worry, I've put some thought into this and I'm here to get you
> > all on the right track. I'm here to convince you on why blogging about
> > what you're working on is a good thing, and why you should do it more!
> >

I was worried it was becoming Planet Corey for a sec there.

> > a) Free marketing - The guys over on Planet GNOME do this well. It's not
> > even intentional. We all know how important performance is during this
> > next GNOME cycle. We all know this because we weren't smart enough to go
> > look at the development release notes, we know so because it's been
> > plastered all over their planet for months.
> >

Holy crap do the guys at p.g.o do that marketing on planet thing well.
Shiny new screenshots and much other juicy details. Hell, I even
blogged about it:



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